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Your maiso No construction project

How to buy a new house?

Durable, imprinted with safety and comfort of life, the single-family home remains the best way to prepare for the future.

It allows you to save your purchasing power and even earn money over time.


The development of your house project


Before you start looking for a model of house, you must think about your current needs but also those of tomorrow. From the first meeting, your advisor specifies with you your needs, your wishes, your possibilities which constitute the concrete bases of your individual house construction project.

Where to build your house?


Your advisor selects with you, before visiting them together,  the best courses  among the proposals of our land partners. He knows the local market perfectly, which is essential.

How to find the right financing?


How much to borrow? What type of loan? How long? Your advisor carries out a free personalized financial study for you, adapted to your budget, integrating the State aid to which you can claim and optimizing the amount of your investments ...

All expenses are provided for in your financing plan so that you do not have any bad surprises and be assured of the viability of your real estate project: the land, construction and all ancillary costs (notary fees, mortgage, surveyor, connections to the public and private domain, possible adaptation to the ground and any necessary work.)

We can then put you in touch with one or more financial partners.
Our direct relationship with the banks allows you to quickly obtain concrete quality proposals. So you can compare.

Which house to choose?


  • Because each family is different, our catalog of models of new houses offers different arrangements specific to the daily life of each family.

  • Our advisers check the correct location of your future house according to the land chosen, urban planning and environmental rules, etc.

Discover some practical tips to get your project off to a good start!


Administrative procedures


Once your project has been validated and your construction contract signed, you are accompanied by one of the managers from our administrative department. He will be your privileged contact for:

Obtaining your bank loan


He will guide you in putting together a solid bank loan application file and will support you in your relationship with the banks.

Buying your land


Your manager takes care of notarial matters and the preparation of your acquisition.

Obtaining your building permit


Your manager also takes care of the drawing up of the permit plans by one of the designers from our design office, application form to be completed, filing of the application at the town hall, monitoring of your file, etc. Except in special cases, permits are issued no later than 3 months after the submission of the complete file.


Building your house


You have obtained your bank loan, are now the owner of your land and have received your building permit.

The construction phase begins!

The works supervisor


Throughout the construction and from the opening of the site, the works supervisor becomes your privileged interlocutor until the total completion of your house. Every week, he keeps you informed of the progress of the work.

Progress of the site


Your site supervisor organizes the smooth running of the work, plans and monitors your site so that your house is ready in the allotted time. If you wish, you can ask him for site monitoring appointments and immediately get the answers to your questions.

The construction time


The average construction time of our houses is generally around 9 months depending on the place of construction, the size of the house and its finishes. Ensure that your home is delivered within the agreed timeframe, set out in the contract.




Delivery to your home


Congratulation !

You will take delivery of your house and finally become the owner.

Handing over the keys


This is an important step: it materializes the culmination of your real estate project. To support you, an expert will assist you to point out all the important points and answer all your questions.
The date of receipt marks:

  • The starting point of the guarantees attached to the work,

  • Payment of the balance under the legal conditions of the construction contract (CCMI)

  • Handing over the keys,

  • The transfer of risks with regard to the custody of the structure

An independent expert at your side


The reception visit allows you to check the compliance of your house, point by point, with the descriptive notice and plans.

So that you can take possession of your home with complete peace of mind, Travaux974 offers you the services of an expert free of charge, who will help you point out all the important points and answer all your questions.


The acceptance report


After this "owner's tour", you proceed to the reception:

  • Without reservation if you have not noticed any anomalies

  • With reservation if you have noticed any apparent defects

These elements appear on a report that you sign and which must mention the details of any reservations as well as the time limit for remedying the defects observed. In this case, the remaining amount due will be recorded and released when the reservations are lifted.



After-sales service and guarantees


Travaux974 also accompanies you after the reception of your house, for 10 years. The technicians of our after-sales service are at your disposal to provide you with personalized solutions and meet your expectations. This is in addition to your ten-year contractual guarantee and structural damage insurance.

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