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Our commitment s

Your guarantees before and after reception


Trusted partners

Throughout your house construction project, each of our qualified partners in their field will give you the benefit of established know-how.

CCMI guarantees

This contract complies with the recommendations of the FBB Habitat Pole and will be your pledge of compliance with all the rules and standards in force in the profession.


The quality of our houses

What is not visible is the most important thing for us! Because the building of a property is essential, all our houses are optimally designed.

Support from A to Z

For a construction project in all serenity, you benefit from a single point of contact at each stage.












A single point of contact at every stage

A regulated contract, the contract for individual houses (CCMI)

Quality houses and

Accessible houses

A global and fixed price

Total transparency

The right to change your mind

An offer of free services

Guarantees and insurance
that protect you

Defined payment terms

The CCMI and the WORKS 97 4 guarantees

The CCMI (Contract for the Construction of Individual Houses) complies with the recommendations of the Housing Pole of the FFB (French Building Federation) and will be your pledge of compliance with all the rules and standards in force in the profession.


The Travaux974 construction contract provides you with:

  • Money back guarantee

  • The delivery guarantee at the agreed price and deadlines

  • The perfect completion guarantee

  • The biennial guarantee of proper functioning

  • The ten-year guarantee

  • Structural damage insurance

Guarantees in + at Travaux974:
  • Site quality control

  • Assistance of an expert at the reception of the house

  • Multi-risk insurance

WORK values 97 4

The Travaux974 culture is based on four obsessions shared by all our teams:

The obsession with quality

  • The quality of the building, with the choice of the most efficient and eco-responsible materials and equipment as well as traditional construction techniques.

  • The quality of the services we offer to facilitate the realization of your project: financing assistance, land research, obtaining a building permit.


The obsession to always do more and better

  • Passionate about our profession, we strive to always be one step ahead of environmental regulations:

  • Testing new materials, techniques and equipment, providing you with the best innovations,

  • Find the best partners.

  • Recruit, train the best teams and give everyone the means to surpass themselves.


The obsession with respecting our commitments

  • Provide the best guarantees on quality, prices, deadlines. And give ourselves the means to meet our commitments by being rigorous.

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